What is it like being a mom?

There are really no words to describe what it’s like being a mom.

It’s beautiful and it’s ugly.

It’s joyful and it’s sorrowful.

It’s fun and it’s tough.

You don’t truly realize the messiness of motherhood. You don’t truly realize how beautiful it can be.

When my water broke with my first child, I was unaware that once your water breaks, it doesn’t stop. See, I thought that when it breaks it’s just one big gush and that’s it. Nope. Not for me anyways. And I had no idea! There are a lot of emotional and hormonal imbalances that can take place after having a child, cue postpartum depression. This was the beginning of my journey in motherhood.

Once you become a mother, your desires and wants change. Yes, your “me-time” is less (or non-existent) but it’s oh so worth it. My wants and desires are now in alignment with what’s best for my family and children, not just me.

I know I can’t speak on behalf of Jesus, but I can’t help but wonder if He really desired or wanted to be on that cross and beaten and whipped and mocked and spat on, but it was worth it in the end. He did desire and want what His Father wanted, “Lord not my will, but Your will.” May this be our daily prayer as mothers.

When you become a mother your outlook changes. You view life differently. My children have taught me so much. My son, for instance, is so excited about life in general. Some days this really inspires me and some days it really exhausts me. See the beautiful, unexplainable paradox of it all?

A mother is known as the “nurturing one”. The one who your children run to when they’re hurt, when they’re sad…and I love it.

I wasn’t the best child growing up. I was a little mouthy. Just ask my mother. You’re not fully aware about the difficulties you’ll face. When God blesses you with a child, you never know what hand you’ll be dealt, and you just roll with it and trust Him through it all. After all, He knows what’s best. Funny thing is He’s blessed us with a child who requires a bit of extra patience on a moment-by-moment basis, but yet I’ve never been the most patient person. See the irony in it? I can’t be patient without yielding to the Holy Spirit on a moment-by-moment basis.

Being a mother has shown me my desperate reliance on God, my desperate yearning for Him, and my desperate clinging to Him through it all. I could not do this without Him.

Mothers pick up the messes. Mothers get up early in the morning before anyone wakes up to cover their families in prayer. Mothers lose sleep for their families. Mothers plan and coordinate for their family.

Parents in general have a huge calling on this earth, single mothers who are raising children on their own have a huge calling. Those who do not have physical children, they have an impact on some child’s life in some aspect. We are ambassadors of Christ raising tiny disciples, influencing children and others in ways we won’t know until eternity.

The long days, the long nights, the long minutes will all be worth it in the end. I am not looking forward to the day when I have an empty, quiet house…okay, some days I do wish for it. But in reality, it’s a sobering thought. May we, as mothers, as children of God, focus on the end result and be eternally-minded for our families. And realize that we are raising them to learn to be dependent upon a Holy God.

5 thoughts on “What is it like being a mom?

  1. Love this, “We are ambassadors of Christ raising tiny disciples, influencing children and others in ways we won’t know until eternity.” Thank you for this beautiful view of motherhood.

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  2. Being a mom is indescribable, but you did a great job at it. It’s such a beautiful dichotomy. God does a beautiful job building our families and challenging us in this extremely important role in our lives.

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  3. Once your water breaks, it just keeps flowing—such a metaphor of motherhood, isn’t it? We just keep breaking for our children and flowing out for them. If we aren’t filled by the flowing of the living water of the Holy Spirit, we will run dry!

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